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Händel Belshazzar


Georg Friedrich Händel: Belshazzar (complete recording) Stockholm Kammerkören, Concentus Musicus Wien 3 CDs Teldec 8.35326 (1976) 4 LPs Teldec 6.35326 (1976)

With Robert Tear, Felicity Palmer, Maureen Lehane, Paul Esswood, Peter van der Bilt, Thomas Sunnegardh

CD 1
1. Overture
2. Nitocris (Accompagnato ed Arisoso): Vain, fluctuating state
3. Nitocris (Air): Thou Gott most high
4. Nitocris (Recitative): The fate for Babylon; Daniel (Recitative): Oh much…
5. Daniel (Air): Lament not thus
6. Chorus of Babylonians: Behold, by Persi’s hero made
7. Gobrias; Cyrus (recitative): Well may they laugh
8. Gobrias (Air): Oppress’d with never-ceasing grief
9. Cyrus (Air): Dry those unavailing tears
10. Cyrus (Recitative): Be comforted; Cyrus (Accompagnato): Methougt…
11. Gobrias (Air): Behold the monstrous human beast
12. Cyris (Recitative): Can you then think; Cyrus (Air): Great …
13. Chorus: All empires
14. Daniel (Arioso): Oh sacred oracles
15. Daniel (Accompagnato): Rejoice, my countrymen
16. Chorus: Sing, oh ye heav’ns!

CD 2
1. Belshazzar (Air): Let festal joy
2. Belshazzar; Nitocris (Recitative): For you, my friends
3. Nitocris (Air): The leafy honours
4. Belshazzar; Nitocris (Recitative): It is the custom
5. Chorus of Jews: Recall, oh king!
6. Nitocris; Belshazzar (Recitative): They tell you true
7. Nitocris; Belshazzar (Duett): Oh dearer than my life
8. Chorus of Jews: By slow degrees
9. Chorus: See, from his post
10. Cyrus (Recitative): You see, my friends
11. Chorus of Persians: To arms, to arms!
12. Chorus of Babylonians: Ye tutelar gods
13. Belshazzar (Air): Let the deep bowl
14. A Symphonie Belshazzar (Recitative): Ye sages!
15. Chorus: Oh misery!

CD 3
1. Nitocris (Recitative) : Oh, king
2. Daniel (Air): No! to thyself; (Accompagnato): Yet to …
3. Nitocris (Air): Regard, oh son
4. Cyrus (Air): Oh! God of Truth!
5. Chorus: Oh glorious prince!
6. Nitocris (Air): Alternate hopes and fears
7. Nitocris; Daniel (Recitative): Fain would I hope
8. Nitocris; Arioch; Messenger (Recitative): My hopes revive
9. Chorus of Jews: Bel boweth down!
10. Belshazzar (Air): I thank thee, Sesach
11. Gobreias (Air): To pow’r immortal
12. Cyrus(Recitative): Be it thy care; (Air): Destructive..
13. Nitrocris, Cyrus (Duett): Great victor
14. Cyrus; Daniel (Recitative): Say, venerable prophet
15. Soli and Chorus Tell it out; Cyrus (Acc.): Yes, I will…
16. Soli and Chorus (Athem); I will magnify thee

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