Handel Theodora


Georg Friedrich Händel: Theodora Arnold Schoenberg Chor, Concentus Musicus Wien 2 CDs Teldec 2292464472 (4/1991)

With Anton Scharinger, Jochen Kowalski, Hans-Peter Blochwitz, Roberta Alexander and Jard van Nes

CD 1
1. Overture
2. Rezitative: ‘Tis Dioclesian’s natal day (part 1)
3. Air: Go, my faithful soldier
4. Chorus: And draw a blessing down
5. Rezitative: Vouchsafe, dread Sir
6. Air: Racks, gibbets, sword and fire
7. Chorus: For ever thus stands
8. Rezitative: Most cruel edict
9. Air: The raptur’d soul
10. Rezitative: I know thy virtues
11. Air: Descend, kind pity
12. Rezitative: Though hard, my friends
13. Air: Fond flatt’ring world
14. Rezitative: Oh bright example
15. Chorus: Come, mighty Father
16. Rezitativ: Fly, fly, my brethren
17. Air: As with rosy steps
18. Chorus: All pow’r in heaven above
19. Rezitative: Mistaken wretches
20. Rezitative: Deluded mortal!
21. Rezitativo accompagnato: Oh worse than death indeed
22. Air: Angels, ever bright and fair
23. Rezitative: Unhappy, happy crew
24. Air: Kind heaven
25. Rezitative: Oh love, how great thy pow’r
26. Chorus: Go, gen’rous pious youth
27. Rezitative: Ye men of Antioch (part 2)
28. Chorus: Queen of summer
29. Air: Wide spread
30. Rezitative: Return, Septimius
31. Chorus: Venus laughing from the skies

CD 2
1. Largo
2. Rezitative: Oh thou bright sun
3. Air: With darkness deep
4. Largo
5. Rezitative: But why art thou disquieted
6. Rezitative: Septimius, I am a Christian
7. Air: Though the honours
8. Rezitative: Oh save her then
9. Rezitative: The clouds begin to veil
10. Air: Defend her, Heaven
11. Rezitative: Or lull’d with grief
12. Air: Sweet rose and lily
13. Rezitative: Oh save me, Heaven
14. Air: The pilgrim’s home
15. Rezitativo accompagnato: Forbid it, Heaven
16. Rezitative: Ah! What is liberty
17. Duet: To thee, thou glorious son
18. Rezitative: ’tis night
19. Chorus: He saw the lonely youth
20. Air: Lord to thee (part 3)
21. Rezitative: But see! the good, the virtuous Didymus
22. Chorus: Blest be the hand
23. Rezitative: Ah, Theodora! Whence this sudden change
24. Duet: Whither, princess, do you fly?
25. Rezitative: She’s gone
26. Rezitative: Dwells there such virtuous courage
27. Air: From virtue springs
28. Air: Cease, ye slaves
29. Rezitative: Oppose not, Didymus
30. Chorus: How strange their ends
31. Rezitative: On me your frowns
32. Rezitative: And must such beauty suffer?
33. Duet: Streams of pleasure
34. Rezitative: Ere this their doom is past
35. Chorus: Oh love divine

The recording was awarded with the 1991.

German Record Critics’ Award

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