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Morley The First Booke of Ayres


Thomas Morley: The First Booke of Ayres Nigel Rogers (tenor), Eugen M. Dombois (lute), Nikolaus Harnoncourt (viola da gamba) LP Teldec 6.41127 AS/SAWT 9568-B (1970)

1. A Painted Tale
2. Thyrsis and Milla / She straight her light
3. With my love
4. I saw my Lady weeping
5. It was a Lover and his lasse
6. Who is it that this dark night
7. Mistress mine
8. Can I forget
9. Love winged with my hopes
10. What if my mistress now
11. Come, sorrow, come
12. Fair in a morn
13. Absence here thou
14. Will you buy a fine dog
15. Sleep, slumbering eyes
16. Nancie
17. Fantasia

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