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Händel Saul


Georg Friedrich Händel: Saul Konzertvereinigung Wiener Staatsopernchor, Concentus Musicus Wien

2 CDs Teldec 8.35687 ZA (1986)
3 LPs Teldec 6.35687 GK (1986)

Mit Elizabeth Gale, Helmut Wildhaber, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Paul Esswood, Anthony Rolfe-Johnson, Julia Varady und Matthias Hölle

CD 1
1. Sinfonie
2. Chor: How excellent thy name, oh Lord (1. Akt)
3. An infant raised by thy command (Arie)
4. Terzett: Along the monster atheist strode
5. Chor: The youth inspir’d by Thee, Oh Lord – How excellent thy name, oh Lord
6. Rezitativ & Arie: He comes – Oh god-like youth!
7. Rezitativ & Arie: Behold, oh King, the brave, victorious youth – Oh King, your favours with delight
8. Rezitativ: Oh early piety!
9. Arie & Rezitativ: What abject thoughts a prince can have – Yet think, on whom this honour you bestow
10. Arie, Rezitativ & Arie: Birth and fortune I despise! – Go on, illustrious pair! – While yet thy tide
11. Rezitativ & Arie: Thou, Merab, first in birth – My soul rejects the thought with scorn
12. Arie: See, with what a scornful air – Ah! Lovely youth!
13. Sinfonie
14. Rezitativ: Already see
15. Chor: Welcome, welcome, mighty king!
16. Accompagnato, Chor & Arie: What do I hear? – David his ten thousand slew – With rage I shall burst
17. Rezitativ & Arie: Imprudent women! – Fell rage and black despair posess’d

18. Rezitativ: Rack’d with infernal pains
19. Arie: Oh Lord, whose mercies numberless
20. Rezitativ: This is all in vain
21. Arie & Rezitativ: A serpent, in my bosom warm’d – Has he escap’d my rage?
22. Capricious man (Arie)
23. Accompagnato & Arie: O filial piety! – No, cruel father, no!
24. Chor: Preserve him for the glory of thy name
25. Chor: Envy! Eldest born of hell! (2. Akt)
26. Rezitativ & Arie: Ah! Dearest friend – But sooner Jordan’s stream, I swear
27. Rezitativ & Arie: Hast thou obeyed my orders – Sin not, oh King, against the youth
28. As great Jehovah lives (Arie)
29. From cities stormed and battles won (Arie)

CD 2
1. Rezitativ: Appear, my friend
2. Arie: Your words, oh King
3. Rezitativ: Yes, he shall wed my daughter!
4. Rezitativ: A father’s will
5. Duett: Oh fairest of ten thousand fair
6. Chor: Is there a man
7. Konzert
8. Rezitativ & Duett: Thy father is cruel – At persecution I can laugh
9. Rezitativ & Arie: Whom dost thou seek? – No, no, let the guilty tremble
10. Rezitativ & Arie: Mean as he was – Author of peace
11. Sinfonie
12. Accompagnato: The time at lenght is come
13. Rezitativ: Where is the son of Jesse?
14. Chor: Oh fatal consequence of rage
15. Accompagnato: Wretch that I am! – This said, here lives a woman (3. Akt)
16. Rezitativ & Arie: With me what wouldst thou? – Infernal spirits
17. Accompagnato: Why hast thou forced me
18. Sinfonie
19. Rezitativ & Arie: Whence comst thou? – Impious wretch, of race accurst!
20. Totenmarsch
21. Chor: Mourn, Israel
22. Arie: Oh let it not in Gath be heard – From this unhappy day
23. Chor: Eagles were not so swift as they
24. In sweetest harmony – O fatal day! (Arie & Chor)
25. Rezitativ: Ye men of Judah, weep no more!
26. Chor: Gird on thy sword

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