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Purcell: The Fairy Queen


Henry Purcell: The Fairy Queen (Gesamtaufnahme) Arnold Schoenberg Chor Concentus Musicus Wien

2 CDs Teldec 4509976842 (10/1995)

Mit Barbara Bonney (Sopran), Elisabeth von Magnus (Alt), Sylvia McNair (Sopran), Michael Chance (Kontratenor), Laurence Dale (Tenor), Robert Holl (Bass), Anthony Michaels-Moore (Bariton)

CD 1
1. Hornpipe
2. Rondeau
3. Ouverture (1. Akt)
4. Come let us leave the town
5. Scene of the drunken Poet
6. First act tune: Jig
7. Come all ye songsters of the sky (2. Akt)
8. May the God of wit inspire
9. Now join your warbling voices all
10. Sing while we trip it
11. See, even night herself is here – I am come to lock all fast – One charming night – Hush, no more
12. Air
13. If love’s a sweet passion (3. Akt)
14. Symphony while the swans come forward
15. Dance for the fairies
16. Dance for the green men
17. Song: Ye gentle spirits of the air
18. Now the maids and the men
19. When I have often heard
20. A thousand, thousand ways
21. Hornpipe

CD 2
1. Symphony (4. Akt)
2. Now the night is chased away
3. Let the fifes and the clarions
4. Entry of Phoebus
5. Hail! Great parent of us all – Thus the ever grateful Spring-Here’s the Summer,sprightly gay (5. Akt)
6. Thrice happy Lovers (Epithalamium)
7. O let me ever, ever weep
8. Symphony – Thus the gloomy world – Thus happy and free – Yes Daphne
9. Monkey’s Dance
10. Hark, how all things – Hark! The echoing air
11. Sure the dull God of Marriage
12. Chaconne
13. They shall be as happy as they’re fair

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